We are a creative brand studio.

We help businesses define their brand and optimize their print and digital marketing efforts. We accomplish this with multi-platform graphic design, logo development, and strategic content writing – all with the goal to attract and retain loyal customers.

Award-Winning Design Studio.
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WHAT IS A BRAND? Your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s how your customer feels about your business, your product, and the experience that you are providing them when they interact with you. It can’t always be controlled, but you can set the tone by providing a one-of-a-kind presentation and matching it with a culture that you have developed that is unique to your business.

WHERE DOES EMERALD HINGE FIT IN? We specialize in not just graphics, but building and writing Brand Stories. We find the core of your business and design with that as the spine that holds it all together. We make you stand apart from your competition through consistently, professionally, and delightfully presenting your brand in a way that is more than just memorable to your customer.

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