This week I just wanted to drop a few business tips for you that may or may not be what’s holding you back. A fine balance between strategy and sweat is necessary for business success and in finding your progression towards maximum growth. However, sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind of running a business that we forget to think about the marketing and branding details of that equation. Here are 5 things to think about today:

1. Focus on what makes you unique.
Right now, you probably have business competitors who are working just as hard as you at selling the same or similar things that you are. Set some devoted time aside today to ask yourself: Can I win? Is there a distinctive market for what I am offering? Then: How am I differentiating myself from the next? This will help you stay focused when developing your elevator speech, which will then become the main drive of the voice and vision of your business.

2. Know that you don’t have to be everything, to everyone.
Fine-tuning your audience is probably the best thing you can do for your business. We have arrived at a day-and-age where consumers readily have access to research tools for finding providers – and finding an expert is at the top of almost everyone’s list. You can’t be great at everything, but you are great at “your thing.” The more specific your business expertise is, the easier it is for your ideal customer to find you and feel good about working with you.

3. Go ahead, ask for a review.
Reviews. You probably give them often. But why aren’t you asking for them? Set up a quick email template to send out, or humbly ask for a review of your company via conversation. Your potential customers value this far beyond your own marketing sometimes, and it’s not doing you any good if your happy customers aren’t being accounted for. A genuine compliment from real people goes a long way, so be sure to ask for them and then broadcast testimonials and reviews via all marketing channels for your business.

4. Convey trust with new customers.
This is a tricky one. Especially if a customer has never worked with you before or purchased from you. And the answer is this: Presentation. Present yourself, your business location, and/or your website in a way that feels organized and thought-out. Great branding and design gives this feeling, and it’s the first step in the right direction when attracting prospects. Now, I also know you have an expertise as we’ve already discussed – and designing your own logo and marketing likely isn’t it. Working with experts like Emerald Hinge Design and Branding is a good plan if you want to attract new customers and convey the feeling of a trusted company.

5. Don’t let your uncle name your business.
Naming is a profound task. I’ve lost plenty of sleep over naming concepts and word details. I’ve had clients who I’ve brainstormed over 100 names before narrowing down to one that fits their brand and their services. And that’s the key, your name should portray your unique brand, as well as give a descriptor. Odds are, you’re not Google yet, and your customers need to like your name because it’s catchy, and understand what you offer up-front. If your customers still seem confused, consider adding that descriptor line, or even an overall name change. It will be worth it in the long run.


This business journey isn’t an easy one, and you’ve undoubtedly already been faced with your share of challenges as a business owner. All I can hope for is that you remain driven toward your passion and your reasons “why.” And if these 5 tips can help you stop and think for a moment about the little details that make oh- so-much difference, I’ve accomplished something today. And then maybe tomorrow, you can take action towards the ones that apply to you.