Everyone loves a good story. And some of the best stories come from struggle, dedication, lessons learned, and hopefully–eventually–success. However great success often comes with a price along the way. I’ve heard people use the phrase “overnight success,” but I beg to differ. Even on a seemingly straight path to prosperity, there is always a relatable, less glamorous story that fills in the blanks.

I know those stories all too well. I come from a family of working class people who had their share of ups and downs. They were men and women who started businesses because they loved what they did and they loved their customers. And because they believed that with hard work and customer-focus, they too could have a slice of the American dream.

My grandfather on my mother’s side was a leather craftsman, and my grandfather on my father’s side was a mechanic. Among other businesses in the family were hotels, bars, and a music band. These businesses all had humble beginnings, some in studio shops, and others in garages. They later grew to great success, supporting the generations of my family that rooted us to the Bay Area. With the Bay Bridge in the foreground and the rolling hills of the valley in the background, this is where my family has devoted decades of sweat and tears to growing businesses that kept their customers returning for years. And I plan to continue that legacy.

Let me circle back around. I’d like to focus on the subject at hand – your story. The story of how you arrived to the beginnings of your business is worth telling. People buy from businesses that they can relate to or that they feel a bond with. There are thousands, maybe even millions of people who can relate to your story if you tell it right. And these are all your potential customers who understand your purpose with depth and want to be a part of it – even if it’s just purchasing your products, using your services, or having a business relationship with you.

Your brand story should also serve a constant reminder to you of purpose, pride, and modesty. So go ahead, tell your story…