While it may feel like everything these days is digital, print is indeed alive and well. I know a lot of bloggers, web designers, and digital designers would like to ignore the importance of printed material… however, holding printed paper in your hand is irreplaceable.

Digital vs. Print

I know I am definitely guilty of, for example, of having a million digital picture files stored on my computer of family and friends – and having barely printed any. It’s not like I’m going to open my laptop and browse my pictures on my screen, waiting slowly for each to pull up. Nope, not happening. Not until I send them down to my local print shop and print them, am I going to actually enjoy their value in my hands. I might even place them in a cute little book to make the experience of viewing them even nicer.

Printed pictures, or printed books, brochures, posters, and even cards, all serve a very emotional purpose in the form of keepsake to us. We keep these printed items because they mean something to us, they remind us of what is important, memorable, and beautiful. Sometimes we keep things simply because we like how it is designed and yes, how it makes us feel when we look at it.

The Power of Print

Beautiful and meaningful graphic design is valuable also. Think about when you attended your daughter’s play and saw her name in the program, or when you hung a cool poster of your favorite music artist on your wall… it’s the thoughtful way the design is laid out and what it says that makes you connect to it. Sure, it’s a piece of paper, but it means something to you. And to me. And to so many of us who find little pieces of themselves printed in designs across the world.

Print is a form of visual art that just can’t be replicated on screen. Sometimes it’s the paper that it’s printed on, or the sparkle of the foil used in the design, or just the way the letters are arranged that leaves a trace in our memory. A pleasant one. One worth keeping, and referring back to time and time again. Sure, the text and images aren’t moving or flashing at you, but maybe that’s what’s so great. Maybe because each time we return to those pieces of printed paper, we know what we will arrive to. It’s like a moment frozen in time. Reliable and consistent, printed material is a treasure that no form of pixels can replace.

Forget Me Not

So my word of advice: Don’t forget about using print to connect to your target audience. Work with your graphic designer to create pieces that are worth being kept. The benefit to you? Your brand will stay in their hands and their memory longer. It may hold valuable real estate in the lives of your customers by occupying space on their shelves, desks, or walls. This is the best form of branding you can get, and using creative graphic design that is attractive and serves a purpose is priceless. Yes, it costs to print, but the return on it is definitely worth the extra investment.

Now, let’s print!