This time of the year I get a lot of people telling me, “It’s getting close to the holidays so it will slow down soon.” Sure, the holidays are when people want to spend more time with family and more time enjoying festivities, but consumers – and businesses – also use this as a time to spend money! I’m also assuming as a savvy business owner, you want to end the year with a bang – and anticipating a drop off in sales isn’t exciting or empowering. What to do? Read on my friends…

Develop a Holiday Offer
Manifest your growth through the end the year and don’t stop communicating to your customers that even now is a great time to use or buy your services. Use this as an opportunity to rev up some of your best offerings and put them into Holiday Packages for an attractive price. Starting as early as October can be appropriate to start labeling your campaign as a holiday sale or offering. Offering a discount or a BOGO can bring attention to lots of people who are looking for ways to keep more money in their wallet or bank account.

Design it with Beauty & Meaning
With that being said, keeping your communications and offerings within brand is also an important part of the package. Using gimmicks and cartoons is something I see all too often, so consider a way to integrate holidays into your brand that makes sense and that fits with the culture of your consumers. Designing beautiful coupons is just as important as creating a marketing brochure, so be sure to think about the experience of opening a special holiday offer. Consider even a colored envelope for a mailing or a special video with holiday music for your website or social media.

Encourage a Sense of Urgency
Lots of ideas here, you just have to find the one that works best for your audience, and then – very importantly – stress the importance of the “ACT NOW” part. These offers don’t last forever, which is why they are part of your end-of-the-year strategy to gain as much success for your business as possible. Keeping in the momentum all the way until the end, or whenever you decide is the cut-off in December, is a great way to go into the next year with a healthy budget for new materials, marketing, or profit for all your hard work.