Thank you for scheduling a meeting with us, we're looking forward to it - but first!

If you are scheduled for a new branding or website starter meeting, please prepare yourself with the following items so be can jump start the process:


This means any photos, screenshots, Pinterest Boards, or color schemes that represent any styling or palette preferences you may have. 


It helps if you can provide references to websites that you like, for their styling, layout and function so that we can better understand your expectation.



It helps us to have an idea of the key phrases or words you are trying to convey with your new brand or website. Just 3-5 words is a great start.



Please let us know if there are any events you are trying to launch at, or if you have any hard deadlines for your project and we will do our best to accommodate.


If you’re lucky, you don’t have any competitors in your industry – but in the case that you do, please provide a list of a few of them so that we can research.


Having an idea of your budget can help us provide solutions that meet your needs. For a quick reference, please see our services page here.