Our process is tried & true.

We've got your project managed, it's a part of the package when you work with Emerald Hinge Design Studio. Great design and branding doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen in an organized and predictable manner. Here is a little outline of what we go through when we work together:

LISTEN. Here is where we meet to discuss your goals as well as what makes your business unique. This is where we get to hear your “why,” as in – why does your business exist and why are you passionate about it? We also want to know as much as much as possible about your customer, or your ideal customer, so we can get a  better sense of the people this project will target.

ORGANIZE. We take our notes back to the office and organize your goals into a project report for you to review, making sure we are on the same page with what goals are priority. Included here are timelines and pricing. If you accept, a 50% project fee is due. And we’re ready to roll!

DESIGN. The fun part begins! We use what we know about your business, your project plan, and your target audience to start designing with a clear goal in mind. In some cases, this step will include an initial Brand Story creative, where copywriting will take place to develop the voice of your business, followed by designing.

DEVELOP. We present to you the design options, as laid out in your project plan, and get your feedback of the options provided. If it is a logo, it will be presented in black and white at this stage. This is followed by further development of the Brand Story or the look-and-feel of your designs based on your thoughts.

EXECUTE. With your input from the design rounds noted in your project plan, our team adds final touch-ups and edits to the design and/or copy of the Brand Story. We implement these elements to the overall project and finalize the files for print or digital delivery. We will include appropriate formats of your artwork, along with color guides for various media applications if needed.

PRINTING NOTE: Printing is an important part of the execution of your brand that we have lots of resources for, so feel free to ask for recommendations or assistance in this area. The costs associated with printing are in addition to the design fees, but we have experience in many print medias that can bring your brand to life and support the story you are telling through printed design.